Sunday, August 01, 2010

Karate Kid and Robin Hood

Yesterday Juergen dropped Nicole off at summer camp. She got a green shirt with a number on it. I guess she is now a nameless peasant living in the forest. There is a cruel king and a defender of the people named Robin Hood. It’s going to be great fun! Philip and Thomas will attend the same camp (God willing) the following week.
Last night we had a sitter for Jessica. We took Philip, Thomas and Sarah out to dinner and a movie. It was a totally different feel not to rush because of Jessica. We went to a Chinese place that had a buffet. The kids could eat anything they wanted, as much as they wanted. Their plates were piled high with sushi. I’m sad because the restaurant is actually closing. Last night was it’s last night. We enjoyed sitting there with the kids. Then I asked Juergen if maybe we couldn’t ask them what they would charge per person to have our 100th birthday party there. So Juergen asks them, and they said sorry…but we are closing. So sad! That’s the 3rd Chinese restaurant to close in the area over the past 2 years. We have to find a new place! Sarah was so happy to be sitting in a Chinese place. She kept saying “My China”! After dinner we went to see Karate Kid. It was great! Even better then the original movies. Jackie Chan can act. The kids were totally into it! I thought they did an awesome job. So since the evening was so wonderful, we want to do it again. Maybe even once a month. I hate to leave Jessica out of things, but it’s important for the other kids to have these kind of experiences with out stress. You see other sides of their personality come out. They were so charming and funny. We asked Jessica before hand if she would mind if we left her. She said bye bye. She wanted the peace.

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Jill W said...

We saw Karate Kid a few weeks ago. We all enjoyed it. I agree, Jackie Chan is a wonderful actor.