Monday, August 09, 2010

not many potatoes

We emptied the potatoes into a new jumbo garden sack today. There were only a handful of small potatoes. I either need to grow my potatoes in the ground, or find a better potato that produces better. I couldn't feed my family one meal from my whole crop. Sad! I do have very good soil for the new jumbo sack (it's a raised garden bed if you do not understand what I'm talking about). What ever I plant in this bed should grow very well! I think I'll plant some cabbages and other fall crops. I need onions and salad.
The tomatoes are doing well. The larger tomatoes are taking forever to ripen up. It's just not sunny enough. I have 40 plants, but they only give me enough fruit for good salsa. I don't think I will put away many tomatoes in cans. Again, not much progress on becoming self sustaining. What I grow supplements our summer needs, but it will not feed us. Most of my grape crop is ruined from rain. The grapes are covered with mold. We had allot of grapes this year, so this is very sad. Face it, we are at the mercy of God. He provides seed for the sower and food for the harvest. My harvest has been ok, but really not as great as I had hoped. But one thing I'm can not expect to harvest if you do not plant. You need to invest in life, not just in gardens but also in people. It doesn't always work out...but your guaranteed to fail if you do not invest!

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Heather BT said...

What I learned about growing potatoes in Garbage cans (same idea as yours) was that you had to keep burying the potatoes as they grew, not just plant them and let them go.
Also, if you plant your tomatoes in hanging baskets, no need for fancy planters, you can get them up off the ground and into the sun.
Are you planting a second crop if cold season plants this year?