Friday, August 06, 2010

A long week that I'm glad is nearly over

The week is nearly over. I am so happy for this. I love my kids, but they are pretty loud. That is the boys are loud. And it has rained most of the week so they have been inside. I know it's just a hard age but they are selfish, defiant, sometimes mean, thoughtless , competitive and aggressive. Not a great picture of my children. But I've been assured by many it is the age. I taught Sunday school for years (Jr High). I know from this experience it is the age. Maybe I've said this before (I'm of an age that I forget stuff) but boys I taught 5 years ago have gone from awful to wonderful. They had good parents that hung in there. All kinds of kids I know are "landing on their feet". And I've seen many of these kids rebel hard. I never ever wanted to face the teen age years with kids that continually broke my heart. Please God have mercy on me! God is my only hope! But Philip and Thomas go to a really great Christian camp on Sunday. And I know God can reach them where they are...selfish and awful. He can touch their hearts. I only pray he does it early. I really don't want to watch them ruin their lives when they could follow a path that leads to life! I know some of you are thinking, “I know the boys and they don’t seem so bad”. But I know their character (or lack of it). They both go to very secular schools. They are too easily influenced by the stuff they are exposed to. I can not make them adopt my values or world view. They must choose. They are at a point of decision. I don’t think it gets any easier to say no…it just gets harder. And little by little we must let go and let them decide how they will live. They are growing up. I hope they have character and strong convictions when they are grown. I don’t expect perfection, but I’m totally fried because they are far from perfect! And I’m not perfect either. If I was perfect I would have more faith, and I would not worry so much. I think I need to listen to some Heidi Baker this weekend. Her faith is contagious!

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