Saturday, August 07, 2010

I got my shells

I got 2 bags of shells today(not nearly enough). I spread them around my jumbo garden sacks to keep out the slugs. I think I'm going to need another 6-8 bags to cover the whole area. I'll wait and see what we can pick up on vacation in Holland. I also bought one more wire frame to build another jumbo sack. Nicole and I emptied a bag of potatoes today. I grew my potatoes in leaf bags this year. Unfortunately the potatoes have gotten rotten from all the rain we got last week. So I'm going to dump out all my potato sacks. I'll put the dirt and straw in the new jumbo raised bed. Maybe I’ll start some fall crops.
Nicole came home from camp today. It's wonderful to have her back. It turns out that it didn't rain so much where she was. She even has a tan. God is so good! And the camp was wonderful! 100 kids gave their lives to Jesus. She wants to return next summer as a counselor. We will see how everything works out schedule wise. She also wanted to go to America to study Art. We will just have to see.
Philip and Thomas are both packed for camp. I'm very glad to see them go. It isn't that I don't love them...I do. They are just at such an obnoxious age. God bless the camp staff! I know what’s planned (Nicole told me). I know they will be kept very busy, and they'll have an amazing week! I pray they also come to a place where they really understand what it means to believe in God, and place their trust in Christ. I'm looking forward to the break, but mostly I'm excited for them.

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