Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Toy Story 3

It is another wet day. Poor Nicole, I hope she is OK at camp. I decided to take the kids to see Toy Story 3 (even Jessica). When we got there Jessica refused to sit down. She sat on the floor near the exit. It was a very good thing we went to the early show. There were not so many people there. She parked herself on the ground and I could not move her. She refused to go in! I was so frustrated! I had put my backpack and car keys in the theater. Sarah, Thomas and Philip were already seated. It got worse. She moved out of the theater and laid down on the floor. Talk about your body language. Jess is almost 19 years old and weighs at least 140 lbs. It is was dead weight. So I talked her into sitting to the side , away from the door. The movie began and I told her I needed my keys if she wanted to go. So she followed me back into the theater. She saw the Toy Story characters, so she stayed. I got her to sit down and watch the entire movie. I should get some sort of prize for that! And I praised Jess for her courage. She sat in a dark, loud movie theater and watched a new film.

We had planned to take Nicole to see Toy Story 3 on her birthday next week. She dreams of working for Pixar one day. All I can say is Juergen has to take her. I can not do it. Andy(the boy in the movie) is packing to go off to college. He is all grown up. I was crying by the end of the movie. I could not watch this movie with Nicole. It will not be long until she is packing to leave home. I told the kids in the car I couldn't watch the film with Nicole, and why. Thomas asked me if Nicole would move away. I told him I didn't know when, but yes. He couldn't stop the tears. I guess he figured our family would stay as it is forever. Kids grow up. Nicole turns 17 next week. I hope she will stay with us for awhile, but I know it's only a mater of time until we are packing her room too!

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