Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm starting to pack for our trip to Texel. We leave early (God willing) on Friday. The weather here has been awful. Most of my grapes are rotten. That's sad because they were so beautiful! My tomatoes are mostly covered. They get full sun. I am harvesting a full bowl of tomatoes almost daily. We have a friend house sitting for us. She will water and pick tomatoes, and feed the fish. I hope I'll keep harvesting tomatoes until October. Yesterday Nicole and I started to save seeds for Next year. It seems like we never got a summer. It has all passed us by too fast! The weather report says Texel has better weather, at least some clear sky’s. It's kind of cool, but good kite flying weather. The boys got to go bowling today. Nicole has 2 friends over. Yesterday Sarah had 3 friends over. Our house has been full. I'm not going to be glad to say goodbye to the summer. Nicole will be entering her final year of school, and so will Jessica. The thought of all the changes that are just before me kind of make me sad. It's not hard to make me sad these days. I feel like an emotional train wreak! I have to trust God...I certainly do not feel brave enough to let go of my kids. But we will cross that bridge when we get there. Today I pack for Texel. We will have 2 weeks together as a family. Even Mickey our dog will be with us. I feel like a dying person in a movie. Everything seems to go into slow motion and you try to remember every detail. You want to stop the clock, but you can’t!