Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I finally got my compost worms in the mail today. They came in a big bucket. I made a nice home for them in a large black rubber box that has holes drilled on the bottom. I put cardboard over the holes so moister can get out but the worms will stay in the box. I added dirt, and damp news paper, lettuce, old fruit and old leaves from dead flowers. I coved the box with a wet burlap sack and a cardboard box. I need to buy another rubber box to sit this box in. That box can catch the worm tea (that's the liquid compost that's going to drain out of the bottom of the box). I think I'll place the whole thing in my basement because the temperature stays cool down there. If the box gets too hot it will kill the worms. I understand you should feed the worms at least once every two weeks. I'll make sure they are wet enough( but not too wet) and have lots of good veggies, potato peels, and old fruit to work on when we go to Italy. Worm compost is very good for plants. Let's see if I can keep these worms happy!

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