Thursday, May 20, 2010

My poor plants are saved!!!

The New Tomato House came today. Philip and Nicole helped me put it up. A few of the plants are not going to make it, but most of them will finally have a chance to live! These are heirloom tomatoes I started from seed. They are from France, Italy, North and South America and Russia. They were doing so good before the cold rain hit us 3 weeks ago. I have a friend that will take care of them while we are in Italy. We are suppose to get good weather tomorrow, and all weekend. Then next week rain and cold again. I'm so glad to have a tomato house. It will give these babies a fighting chance! I can taste the multi colored salsa now!!!

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Shelley said...

the seeds you gave me started and grew to about an 1" and stopped growing. Weird, so I bought tomato plants.