Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the power of connection

Today I shared a little about Nicole during our family story time. I shared where her name came from, especially her middle name Isabella. She was named after the character Bell in Beauty and the Beast because Juergen and I love this strong and intelligent women. The whole time Thomas kept asking where his name came from. So I kept telling him I will tell him on Friday night when I tell his story. So we have moved away from an uninterested Thomas to someone who is at least a little involved. Praise God for progress. Juergen and I are looking at what our church needs. Juergen is now an Elder in our church. We read a book called the connected church. I didn't think the book was very good, but the idea was very good. I read another book on ADHD called delivered from distraction. In this book the author says connection is the very most important ingredient for happiness. People that feel truly connected at work, school, in families and with friends and other groups are happy. I feel like we can try to do more in our church to help people truly feel more connected with each other. I'll be studying this idea. I feel like our family story time is a way to help our family members to feel more connected with each other. I'm trying to help increase the bond we have with each other. Vacations also help this process. We leave in a week! I am so looking forward to our trip!

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