Thursday, May 13, 2010

A big big house

We looked at another house today. It was very nice and the price was super. I think it could be perfect for now, but way too big in a few years. It wouldn't be easy to make it into 2 apartments. I think it's not for us. I still like this one house we saw with the winter garden. The price is still too high, but we didn't want to move right now anyway. It would be much better for us to wait a year. We will have our house painted, redo our bathroom. Maybe we will buy another house, or maybe we will stay. I'm open. I actually like my house, and garden more and more. We will see! It isn't easy to sell a house. The owners we met today were very nice. I hope they can find a buyer. It will not be easy because it's such a big house. Not many families need such a big place!

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