Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dirty teeth

Some weeks you wish you never got out of bed! Today the boy’s went to the orthodontist to check on their braces. I guess they haven’t been doing a good job brushing their teeth. I do make them brush their teeth, but I’m not actually doing it for them. So the arrogant Dr says he will know longer work with the boys. He does this while taking photos of their teeth to give the insurance company. This is going to cost us some real money! The Dr yelled enough at me and the boys, I didn’t need to add to the humiliation. Thomas was crying, it was really awful! We will try to find another Dr that can continue the treatment. We will over see the brushing better, but just how I don’t know. I really don’t like this Dr who has some how gotten it all wrong. I pay him and he works for me. I guess he thinks I should be grateful to be his client…if he had not dropped my boys, I would have been happy to fire him. But seriously, I have to find a new orthodontist, and I hope the insurance company will keep paying for the boys teeth. Are there people in this society that actually help parents raise children, or do they all treat you like you are dirt because your pre teen boys are going through an awkward time? Please pray for me, I’m having a hard week!

UP DATE: Juergen called the insurance company. They said we should just go to another Dr. They will keep paying. Juergen over saw the teeth brushing tonight. We are not being hard on the boy's. They have enough real problems. I will not shoot them down over not brushing their teeth enough. Man oh man! Philip is being bullied in school. I will not kick him for not bushing good enough! We will just work on it...and find another Dr.


Jill W said...

Praying for you!! You would think--if this dentist was a true professional--he would give you recommendations on how to do a better job brushing & explain it to the boys as well as explaining how important it is. My goodness, they are boys! I am constantly reminding all my kids to brush their teeth! This is not something that is high on the list of priorities for an adolescent--you would think the dr. would know that and know how to get them motivated!

Amy said...

Thanks Jill! I guess there are enough perfect kids around, he doesn't need to bother with my boys! I don't meet enough people willing to help the boys. It’s just easier to write them off. They are irresponsible...but they are 12 year old boys. They will grow up.