Friday, May 21, 2010

It feels good to be in the zone

It's Friday and Juergen just picked up the Pizza. We eat pizza every Friday, that's Heymann family law. But there is a different feeling in the house. A whole nother vibe. The kids have had their final class, Juergen has had his last meeting. We have two whole weeks of vacation. I just dropped Nicole off at church. She goes on a youth retreat this weekend. We all go to Italy when she returns. I have to pack, clean, and plant my friend Petra's garden. I actually look forward to the garden work. It's a bucket garden. We just need to put stones on the bottom of the 10 large containers, add very good dirt and then plant vegetables. Everything is there and ready to go. The trampoline is also there. Juergen will put it together. When our works done the kids will jump and Juergen and I will drink a good cup of Petra's very good coffee (she has an extremely good machine). The sun is shining...Praise God! The only thing that could make this all better is if my best friend Cindy, or my sister Dianna had come. We asked them both to come but they said no. Imagine passing up a free trip to Tuscany? Inconceivable! Sadly it's true. Oh, I would be over the moon if one of them was coming! But maybe next time? I am totally relaxed, and so glad we are now moving into the zone....the vacation zone!

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