Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 2 and 3

Italy day 2

It’s our first whole day in Tuscany. I remember a friend telling me once that if you have 5 kids there is a pretty good chance one of them will be in a bad mood. Today Thomas was that one. He just doesn’t transition well. He couldn’t turn it around. We went to Lucca but cut the whole trip short because he was such a pill. Lucca is an impressive medieval town with it’s wall in tact. We walked a bit on and next to the wall, and also drove around. I would love to visit Lucca again if I don’t have to drag around a sour 12 year old. He did manage to snap out of it. It only cost me a 2 Euro yoyo and 2 hours of star wars on the Nintendo. BTW we didn’t bring the Nintendo, it was here. We left the Wii at home too.
Juergen set up the pool for the kids. Nicole is painting (so many subjects to paint and so little time). Juergen is playing guitar. I’m taking photos. Jessica is watching videos. She also has trouble transitioning.
There are many amazing places to go and things to do near here. I’m not sure what we will do…if anything. I’m pretty content in this beautiful villa drinking in the sunshine.

Italy day 3

Sorry this is getting posted so late. We looked for an internet café, but so far no luck. Today we went to the town Pinocchio came from. They have a children’s play park but it’s over priced and mostly for small kids. We decided to avoid it. We also passed up the Baroque garden. I’ve seen a dozen similar gardens in France and Germany. I didn’t think it was worth the 110 Euro admission price for the 7 of us. Instead we walked around the town. I took a few photos. The kids spent their money on Chinese toys. Then we went to lunch and spent lots of money…but it was worth it. Jessica and I had a roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and a salad. Nicole’s soup looked and tasted amazing. The kids stuck with spaghetti and Juergen had pizza. It looks pretty cloudy but so far no rain. My knee hurts. It didn’t help me much to be walking up a very steep hill. The hot water still hasn’t been fixed. Of course there is no heat. I think I should go take a nap while I can. Philip, Thomas and Sarah are happy with their new Robots.

It’s evening now. Juergen and Nicole are playing guitars outside in the garden. You can see the valley below them. The sun will set soon. They say we will get sun tomorrow. The hot water was fixed today. I guess there is no hope for the heater. It will not mater if we get sunshine. Everyone is happy. I even have time to get some reading in. I’m reading 2 books. “Mamma made the Difference” by T.D. Jakes. It’s one of the books I bought in America this spring. It’s about life lessons T.D. Jakes mom has taught him. It’s always good for me to be reminded of the influence I have as the mother of 5 kids. They are all so different, and each one needs special care. I’m also listening to the audible book “Revelations Unveiled” by Tim LaHaye. It’s an in depth study on the book of Revelations.

Italy so far

So we have been here for a few days now. We have had a little time to settle in and feel at home. We have caught up on our sleep. We have finally opened up the travel books and considered what we can do. It boggles the mind. Man oh man!!! But we are here to rest so we will take it slow. Everyone should take a photo holding up the leaning tower of Pisa , right? Florence is a must see, and Siena too. But I’m not really into the big city tourist traps so maybe we will skip Florence and Siena? I want to go to the Sea, and also to a Spa that’s got very stinky sulfur waters. Its called Satumia spa and it’s in the South part of Tuscany. We were in a similar Spa in Israel. I recall how relaxed we were after this stinky water. Jessica was so calm and happy. I’ve got this high on my list. Nicole is studying art, so we will need to see some art. I’m happy to sample the food. Today we had a very tasty fried bread. It was served like chips before the meal. I also drank a lemon soda…like a bitter lemon +. Wow! That will wake you up! The vegetable soup with beans was incredible. I’m taking notes so I can try to cook it at home. Juergen’s birthday is June 1st. I want to buy him a steak. I understand that’s the best thing to eat in Tuscany. Oh, and the ice cream. And amazingly we have not gotten around to trying the ice cream yet. The fresh fruit is so good. We had strawberries that actually taste like strawberries should taste. I only got one berry, the kids finished them off before I could eat more. My children know what’s good. So I want to find a open market where I can buy local fruit. We are feeling relaxed. I will try to post again, but no guarantees. The fact that I can find internet in China and Thailand but not Italy really says something. I’m sure if we were in a tourist location it would be different. We are up on a hill far from everything. It’s more like a nice camping trip. No heat, cold water, and electricity that keeps going out. It’s just the price you pay for the view and the charm. It’s so worth it!

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