Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today I talked about Jessica in our family story time. I shared the meaning of her name, "gift from God". I shared how people stopped me on the street to look at her because she was the most beautiful baby. The whole time Thomas was acting up, and not paying attention. It made me really angry. I guess I wouldn't like it if he had shown disrespect towards anyone, but this was Jessica. Jess has no voice and he simply doesn't know her. This makes me deeply sad. He is 12 years old and oh so self absorbed. I talked to him afterwards and told him not to act like this. If he does this for the others I will not tell his story. He wants his story to be told. He needs to learn the golden rule. I prayed about my anger. I am trying to just ask God to transform him...to help him grow up. He has a great loss if he fails to know Jessica. She is an amazing person. He also has a deep loss if he never learns to care about anyone be self. I have hope he will learn. This exercise is very good for him. I need eyes to see what a noble and kind person he will be. I once had a word from God that Thomas would be the child most like Juergen. Juergen is an amazing person. I feel like Thomas had a conflict at school. Something was eating at him. I’m sure I would be wrong to take the whole matter at face value. There is much more to this boy, so much I do not easily understand. He doesn’t understand Jessica, and I don’t understand him. We really need to get to know each other.

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