Sunday, May 16, 2010

getting to know you

I had an idea today. I feel sad because I feel like my kids do not really know us. they don't know each other, and they really don't know Jessica. I thought it might be good everyday to say one small thing about a member of our family. There are 7 of us, so today we will say something about Juergen, tomorrow me, then Jess, Nicole, Philip, Thomas and Sarah. I'll keep a family scrap book. I'll put into it simple facts about us. So today I have a photo of lederhosen. Juergen had to wear lederhosen as a child, and he hated it! That's it. I'll let Juergen say more...but keep it simple and short. Maybe we can do this for a few months and little by little the kids will know us better, and know each other better. Everyone has a day of the week. I figure it will be a good way to tell them about the first time we even thought of adopting them, waiting for them, praying for them, and more. Our boys do not ask questions. They are self absorbed. They know nothing about Jessica, who has autism. They don't seem to care. That hurts me. But they just don't seem to know how to ask questions. They don't know how I met Juergen, or what I was like as a kid. The connection isn't nearly as strong as I want it. So today we start this project. We will see how it goes.

UPDATE: Juergen shared his first story with us. The kids were so amazed to hear about their dad as a kid. The idea is good! I'm sharing about my broken arm when I was 5 years old tomorrow night. I'm also going to make a scrapbook with collage pages for each family member. I'll print photos that represent each story. This will help the kids remember each story. They will know their family history...and be more a part of us. I'm amazed at how excited they were, we all were!

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