Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The village we will stay in

Here is a little information about the small village we hope to stay in. I write this for my brother Rickey because he may jon us there. For the rest of you it's just free information. Can you hear my joy? I feel like dancing! My heart dances just thinking about going to this beautiful land...

"Half way on the road from Nicosia or Larnaca to Limassol the white Lefkara hills catch the attention. The name Lefkara is attributed to the light color, almost white, limestone (Lefka ori – white mountains). The picturesque villages of Pano Lefkara, Kato Lefkara and Kato Drys are perched in these southern foothills of the Troodos mountains, 10Km from the Nicosia-Limassol highway and a short distance from the beach and the cities of Nicosia , Limassol and Larnaca. Once an administrative center with a population of more than 5000 at the beginning of the 20th century, Pano Lefkara today has a population of about 1000 and boasts a unique architecture that remains to this day. The stone-built houses are separated by narrow winding streets. Occasionally a balcony, with flowers hanging over the narrow street, joins the upper levels of the houses. Places to see in Lefkara are the Church of the Holy cross in the center of the village, the Handicraft museum and the Wax museum. Lefkara is a popular destination for day visits, but remains quiet and almost undiscovered for longer stays. Yet, there is accommodation in Lefkara, restaurants and coffee shops. According to folklore, Leonardo Da Vinci visited the village and bought an altar cloth, which he later then donated to the Milan cathedral."

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life in lewisburg said...

What a beautiful place. It sure looks like fun a trip of a life time. Hope it works out.