Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy 2009 God bless you!

Happy New Year! We just got home. We've been with Juergen's dad for the past week. I love Juergen's dad, but he is 80 years old and our kids are pretty loud. It's always a little stressful trying to keep the kids calm enough not to stress out Opa. They did OK. I do feel it's a little hard on Richard when we come to stay. He is use to his calm order. We represent a louder side of life.
Juergen helped organize a youth group reunion (many others also did a great deal of work). The reunion saw some 90 people from the old youth group. Most are close to the age of 50 now. Kids were not invited, so I could not attend. Still, I heard that it was wonderful!
We spent New Years with some Juergen's oldest best friends. That was also really wonderful. At midnight Juergen shot off some simple fireworks with the kids. I had to watch Jessica from the house, but could see the kids from the window. They were very excited! Later, Uli told me how he made stuff explode in chemistry class (home made bombs). I had no idea Juergen's best friend was a domestic terrorist!!!
My big project for the week was scanning old family photos. I want to make a photo book for everyone in the family. I found it both beautiful and sad to see all the old pictures. I miss Juergen's mom. She was so full of life and love. She lived a full life. What an extraordinary gift I was given to be in this Heymann family!

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Beverly said...

Happy New Year, love the photos.