Saturday, January 17, 2009

forcing bulbs

We live very close to Holland. I've just stated to see forced bulbs in the stores. You can force your own spring flower bulbs. It's a great way to get some early spring time into your cold dark winter. I love spring bulbs. HERE is a good site to tell you how to force bulbs. I have been thinking about my own spiritual life. It feels like winter, and I want to force it to be spring. In the case of my spiritual life, I feel God telling me not to force things. I need to wait the season out...just wait on God. Spring will come, and with it a new energy and creativity and life. Some things just should not be forced!

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life in lewisburg said...

In reading Leviticus yesterday you don't want to force anything. Things need time to heal to grow etc... When you force things they don't become strong. That is why rest is so important. You want to be a mighty oak not a weeping willow.
It's funny when I was younger I was impatient when it came to the garden. Now I enjoy each season in it's time. There is so much to do why jump ahead. This is a good time to look at garden catalogs and dream and plan.