Thursday, January 08, 2009

I wanta get out of Egypt.

We have had nearly 3 weeks of Christmas vacation. It began with the lice. Sarah got lice at kindergarten and gave it to me, Juergen, Jessica and Nicole. We washed our heads, hair brushes, and bedding etc. It took days to fight the little beasts. So far I think we won that battle. Then Juergen got us all sick...real sick! I sweat so badly from fever I had to change my pj's 3 times. So I washed my bed sheets again. Now Jessica’s nose is bleeding. I woke up this morning to find her looking like a victim in a head on collision! Her nose had bleed in the night. Her hair was full of blood. I gave her a shower and had to through her pillow, blanket, sheets and cloths in the bath tub to soak in cold water (cold water gets out blood). I'm starting to ask myself what is up! I had so many things I would have rather done this vacation ...but loads and loads of laundry! God please...I want to get out of Egypt!!! Seriously, please pray for Jessica’s nose. It stops bleeding for a time, then starts bleeding again. I do not want surgery but we have had to get surgery for this same issue two times before.

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