Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The plan gets bigger

Yesterday Juergen was saying we should pay less. Today he says we should pay even more to get more. We will be in Cyprus for Juergens 50Th birthday. He now wants a view of the sea. I got a good offer on the cute stone house in the mountains, but it doesn't have a view. A view is important to Juergen. He loves to look out on a wide landscape. I guess it's the feeling of freedom. My brother Rick is an artist, and so is Nicole. I would love a view that they could paint. In fact the thought of my brother painting with my daughter is really awesome to me! She could learn so much from her talented Uncle! So I am probably going to turn down the village stone house (sad). I am back on line searching for a view (with 4 bedrooms and a pool) that we can afford! The good news is I have the airline tickets. I have 4 months to find the perfect vacation house!

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