Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is what Jessica would get for free in Cyprus (maybe 7 treatments). If we see a real change we may try to get her treatment in Germany. If we can not afford it, because they do have it here we would consider going to Cyprus again for the full 8 week recommended protocol. Juergen would maybe go for 4 weeks, then I would go for 4 more weeks. We could rent a very cheap apartment and take Jessica everyday to have her therapy. Just a dream. We will see. I'm just so happy we may be able to try it. I never expected such a gift! The sad reality is insurance probably will not cover this therapy for autism. It would probably cost us less money to go to Cyprus and have it there.

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life in lewisburg said...

I saw this before on a video or TV I can't remember where. I hope it helps Jessica.
Cyprus might have to be a regular gig. Oh well!