Friday, January 30, 2009

Things for kids to do in Northern Cyprus

I'm just putting this here for myself and my brother Rick to look at. These are ideas of things to do with the kids in Northern Cyprus. They have diving schools for kids. They take the kids down 30 meters. That sounded really cool! What also sounds interesting to me is one of these schools has a HOC(oxygen chamber). I wonder what they would charge me to take Jessica into the chamber once a day for a week? This is a very good autism treatment. Maybe Juergen could go dive with the kids while Jessica and I breath oxygen under pressure? If Jessica gets oxygen therapy and 12 days of sunshine (vitamin D) she will be so happy & healthy.

ice skating – a new ice rink has opening in Nicosia near the Ataturk Stadium, call ahead to check opening times on +90 392 225 5378.

Go-karting – the ZET International Karting Circuit is just outside Nicosia, you can call them on +90 533 866 6173 for directions and to book yourself in.

Castle climbing – Kantara, Kyrenia, St. Hilarion and Buffavento are all exciting castles with gory histories to explore; there are many scary precipices and lofty heights to scale so that children bored by history and historical places can find something to keep them occupied anyway!

Cinemas – the majority of cinemas in North Cyprus show films in their original versions with Turkish subtitles. There’s the Galleria cinema in Kyrenia (tel. +90 392 815 9433) and the Lemar cinema in Karaoglanoglu (tel. +90 392 822 3565) or alternatively you can ask The Rocks Hotel in Kyrenia (tel. +90 392 815 2238)

Beach clubs – there are beach clubs springing up all over the island and all beach clubs have various activities for kids so check the local paper or call ahead and find out what will be happening on a given day – try of the following: -
Camelot Beach Club – Alsancak – tel. +90 392 821 1369
Escape Beach Club – Alsancak – tel. +90 392 821 8084, 8330
Mosquito Beach Club – Alsancak – tel. +90 533 863 4191
Vogue Beach Club- Catalkoy – tel. +90 533 863 4191

Kids clubs – the larger, more family orientated hotels and resorts have ‘kids clubs’ where residents can offload their children for the day safe in the knowledge that they will be entertained and well looked after. Contact your travel agent for details of which hotels offer these facilities.

Water parks – Acapulco (tel.+90 392 824 44) and Oscar (tel. +90 392 815 4801) hotels both have fantastic water parks for residents and non-residents. They have slides, huge pools, flumes and even organised daily pool and poolside activities for children in the summer. Additionally there is a dedicated water park in Catalkoy called Octopus (tel. +90 392 853 96 74)

Learn to dive – there are dive centres all over North Cyprus and all the main hotels either have their own dive schools or can arrange for your children to be taken daily to a nearby dive school. Your kids can do a trial dive before you sign up to a full course to make sure they really do want to go ahead and learn. Make sure any instructor is fully qualified though, and ask to see the dive school’s accreditation and insurance!

Paint balling – at SunSet Beach in Lapta you can go paint balling, they also have many other fun activities for you and your children and offer membership options from 2 weeks to 6 months so why not call them for full details before you even arrive in North Cyprus and have a full entertainment itinerary planned for the whole family? Tel. +90 533 865 4959.

Paragliding – if your children are thrill seekers and fancy jumping off a mountain try Highline Paragliding tel. +90 542 855 5672.

Wake boarding – contact SunSet Beach in Lapta - tel. +90 533 865 4959.

Boat trips – go to the harbour in Kyrenia and take your pick, there are many companies offering a whole array of boat trips.

Horse riding – try the Catalkoy Riding Club tel. +90 392 824 4030

Dog walking – go up to the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Centre near Buffavento Castle in Arapkoy between 9am and 1pm and take a muttley for a well earned stroll.

Cycling – you can hire bikes from many of the main hotels in North Cyprus or try Holication Travel in Karakum. Tel. +90 392 815 0516

Quad biking – try Kid’s Quads – tel. +90 533 876 1863 or Northern Heights Quad Tours, tel. +90 533 868 5711

Fishing trips – the Amanda Suzanne offers fishing trips tel. +90 533 842 9965 or +90 533 877 9607

Games workshop - Charmed Craft & Gift Shop in Ozankoy, tel. +90 392 815 2853

Golf – you have the CMC Golf Club near Guzelyurt tel. +90 533 840 1798 or +90 542 851 3884 or the brand new and seriously flash Korineum Golf & Country Club in Esentepe tel. +90 392 600 1500 to find out about rates for rounds and maybe even a few lessons

And a final couple of idea to keep the children entertained during your well earned holiday in North Cyprus, how about archery in Catalkoy, tel. +90 533 846 7463 or bowling in Nicosia, tel. +90 392 223 2388?

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