Friday, January 23, 2009

I guess my comments is broken

My sister says my comment box is broken. I will try to fix it. In the mean time look at these pictures of Northern Cyprus. I am looking at vacation houses in the area of Kyrenia. I found some for about 400 Euro per week (villas with private pools and 4 to 5 bedrooms). Now that's value! I also found out that it's cheaper for us to rent two small cars then one mini van. I still don't know if we will go, but I think I can get us there for a two week family vacation and stay within our vacation budget. A good friend is getting married there in May, and Juergen has his 50Th birthday the beginning of June. Wouldn't it be cool to spend his birthday in Cyprus? Rickey (my brother) are you coming to visit us? Do you want to go to Cyprus for two weeks? I am dreaming, and just two days ago I had zero vision!


Amy said...

testing 123

Heather said...

I'm leaving a comment so you can see it works, plus I was going to leave you one anyway.

What a beautiful thought, wedding, big Birthday, gorgeous place. truly envy the European long vacations. Of course I'll be going to China this year, so I can't complain :)

Have a great one!

life in lewisburg said...

yea the comment box is fixed. I think you and Rick going on a 14 day trip would be a hoot.