Sunday, June 01, 2014

The great tomato give away

Today Nicole gave away a few hundred tomatoes at our church and made over 200 euro for our sola summer camp scholarship. So far we have made the money for 5 scholarships. My friend had a very cool idea. Next year we should have a garden day. Different people will start a variety of plants (one will do sunflowers, another onions, another zucchini etc.). And we will give it all away...a one stop whole garden. And raise money for kids to go to camp. I love this idea. Anything to get people to grow their own food. We still have allot of plants. I also have chili’s and peppers. I would love to find new homes for these plants before we go to Italy next week. But my house sitter will keep them alive if you want to pick them up after the vacation. Just let me know.

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