Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pray for Juergen's Dad

Juergen's dad Richard is in the hospital again. He fell and broke his leg, high by the hip. They already operated. He is Ok, but must remain in the hospital for a while. And with all his other medical needs, it does make it a little complex to treat. He just turned 86 years old, and seems to be getting more and more fragile. Juergen will most likely go up North to see him for a few days this week. Juergen and the kids returned from Italy yesterday. It was a very long drive, and there was allot of traffic. But his sister is with Richard today, so Juergen doesn't need to rush up North today. He will go in a few days instead. My Mom drives from Seattle to Oregon today. It takes about 5 hours, and I pray she has a safe trip. I know my Dad will be very happy to have her home.


Shelley Stuewe said...

Sorry about Juergen's dad, we will be praying for both he and mom.
YES dad will be excited about seeing mom.
I drove to Portland yesterday to get Eric and traffic was awful. But it was Friday night.

Saturday might be a better day to travel.

Glad everyone had a safe and nice trip.

Rick Moreno said...

I pray jurgen has a good trip as well. Just to let you know, I tried to Skype, but there seems to be a problem with the connection. We will work on it on our end and try another time. Love you guys so much. Im sure mom will get ahold of you this weekend. Hugs!

caring for the garden said...

We so very sorry about this latest development. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Richard and to all his family, especially Juergen. Mom & Dad