Sunday, June 08, 2014

Mom in Italy day 2

So far today we slept in, shopped for food, had a late brunch and walked around the villa. Juergen is taking everyone to a lake and nature reserve. Jessica doesn’t want to leave her room so I'm going to cook dinner and read. I don't mind the quite. I'm still pretty tired from the trip. The first photos are of a flower mosaic some women made for Pentecost. They invited us to the Mass at 5pm. I’m not sure we will make it, but I loved their joy. The villa is from the 1800’s. It’s in the country side, and very peaceful.


Sarah said...

Greetings from Oregon!

Next time Nancy talks with Richard, let's set up a time to skype!

We've been staying up to date with all your adventures on my (Sarah's) laptop! We've much enjoyed all the pictures!

- Love
Richard, Rick, and Sarah

Sarah said...
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