Monday, June 16, 2014

LaFoce our last day in Italy

We tried to see the garden called "LaFoce" today.  We read it was open from 9 until 6pm today.  But when we arrived it was closed.  So instead we went to the hill top town Montepulciano.  On the way to the town we stopped by a restaurant.  They grow all their own food.  It is located in a monastery that was built in the 1400's.  We ate sheep’s cheese with fresh honey, and had green salad and homemade Ragu.  It was awesome!  And then we toured the old wine cellar.  They had a mask of the wine god Bacchus that is over 2000 years old.  It was really cool!  And Montepulciano was also a great surprise!  It was raining, but we still managed to see allot of the town.  And now we are packing up.  Juergen and the kids travels to Rome in the morning, and Nicole, Jessica, Mom and I will drive home to Germany.

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Shelley Stuewe said...

the mask looks like the one in an audrey hepburn movie