Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A trip home

My brother in law Paul (who is only 55 years old I think) goes into a Hospice today. It's a real tragedy. Please pray for him and for my sister Dianna. It is an awful road she is traveling down. It is not anything I could have hoped for them. They really could use prayer. God bless the people who work in the Hospice. What a place of ministry. Paul was a truck driver and he has a bad heart, and has suffered from many strokes. My Mom is still planning on coming with us to Italy. The whole trip seems badly timed. I'm always happy to see my mom, but I hate to take her away from my sister at this point. But mom also needs rest. She is caring for my dad. And his health is not very good. It is very important for caretakers to get rest. That applies to me too. Juergen and I take care of all our kids...but Jessica has autism. We do need a break too. I do feel badly about the timing of our trip. Juergen’s dad is also in the hospital. I guess it’s just how things are when you are in your 50’s. But you expect older parents to have health issues and die. You don’t really expect to see your brother in law die so young. I’m really very sorry. I pray she can physically feel the love of God carry her with His grace, and provide all her needs. This is a photo blog Paul wrote 5 years ago. It's pictures he took when he drove around the USA http://rampilotsviews.blogspot.de/


Shelley Stuewe said...

nicely said

Rick Moreno said...

Just got mom off. Love you.