Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I met one of our neighbors from down the street. He came over to pick up 2 tomatoes plants and a free banana pepper plant. He asked me if we collected money for something. I said we have a summer camp fund for kids that couldn't afford camp. He gave me 5Euro. Nicole was inspired to cut flowers and put them out on the side walk table. So there are 6 bunches of fresh cut flowers, and tomato and pepper plants. 2 people came by from our eBay local ad. One left me a thank you note, the other thanked me by email. And we are getting close to our goal of getting rid of all our extra plants. I grew all the tomatoes from seeds I saved last year. Believe it or not, I had nearly 1000 plants from the seeds of 8 tomatoes. I just squeezed the tomatoes seeds onto paper towels, let them dry, and in the spring I planted the paper towels in soil. From only 8 tomatoes I got nearly 1000 tomato plants. And yes it's taken allot of work to pot those plants and label those plants, and find homes for those plants. But I'm meeting neighbors, blessing my city, and hopefully inspiring generosity. Oh, and sending kids to summer camp. All from the seeds of 8 tomatoes. And my tomato house has about 50 heirloom tomato plants, and my garden has about 20 more plants. God willing I'm going to can 500 jars of tomato sauce this summer. Seeds are so amazing!

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