Monday, May 27, 2013


Juergen took the kids to San Gimignano today to try the worlds best chocolate ice cream. Jessica didn't want to go anywhere. I'm ok with that. I have not slept well. The beds in this fine villa are really pretty bad. We even put the mattresses on the floor to get a firmer mattress. I'm tired of traveling. I really wouldn't mind just going home. But I'm trying to keep a good attitude. It's cold, and we expect more rain. I am just going to keep looking for good stuff to do (even if I don't feel like it really). I read Figline Valdarno has an antique market on Tuesdays. So maybe that's something for tomorrow. Italy is wonderful. It's just me, I'm tired of being away from home. The winter was so long and cold. This spring has been too busy for me. I hope to have a lazy summer. The Fall already looks too busy. I’ll be traveling, and Juergen will too. It’s nice to have the family away. I think I’ll take a nap. Jessica is being sweet. She is happy to be alone with me.

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