Thursday, May 23, 2013

The waiting game

I was going to go out with Nicole today. But first I needed to pull Jessica out of her dark bedroom just to go shopping. Well, it is the late afternoon, and Jessica still refuses to leave her room. I started this fight, and I feel like I need to finish it. We opened her window shutters to let the light in. We unplugged her computer. We took away her blanket. She is at least getting sunshine. But I'm waiting for her to get dressed and come with me shopping. Juergen and I are both worried about her. As you know, she is autistic. And she is at the moment falling into a deep depression. She does not want to eat, and wants to sleep allot. She gets more and more ridged. So I feel I must win this battle today. And even if she has to sleep tonight with out her blanket, I will not give in. She needs to get dressed and go shopping with me. I have a headache. This isn't allot of fun. I hate autism, but I love Jessica. This is what is best for her. Please, please, please pray for Jessica.

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