Thursday, May 16, 2013

getting it pulled together

I have to admit getting ready for a 2 week vacation has gotten easier over time. The kids are old enough to wash all their own cloths, and pack them selves. I only check to make sure they are bringing the right stuff. It's raining in Italy, so they need to bring long pants and sweaters. Sarah packed 6 pairs of shorts...I guess she was expecting 2 weeks of sunshine. So I only need to pack myself and Jessica. I pack gluten free food for Nicole and I. I also pack the board games and arts and crafts stuff. I have people to take care of the house when we are gone. I walk them through the house today. The greenhouse needs to be watered, and the fish have to be fed. Nicole takes Mickey to the doggie hotel today. So I only need to finish planting plants, and do a little more cleaning. That's so much easier then in past years. And I'm finally getting over the jet lag. It's allot easier to get things done when you are awake. Juergen was so cheerful this morning as he went to work. He is looking forward to this vacation. And for his sake, I hope it's wonderful. He works so hard. He needs a rest. I personally would love to stay home for awhile. But I love Italy, and we are going with friends. So I think it will be wonderful. But I am looking forward to being home awhile. I could use some normal.

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