Friday, May 24, 2013

still waiting

Jess slept the whole night and now all morning. It's 10:30am and she still doesn't want to get up. I'm still hoping to get her dressed and out side to shop. Then I'll give her ,her computer back. The weather has gotten better. It's windy but sunny. Someone asked me why Jessica is depressed. She is a non verbal autistic person. We can only guess it's the stress of being in a different place. And the roads in Italy are small. The trucks drive very close to you. I think Jess is afraid of the trucks. I bought a screen to put on the window by her car seat. That should help. But so far she will not get back in the car. Apart from the fact we can not go on any tours for the next 10 days, we need to drive 14 hours to get home. The hard part for me isn't the burses on my arms (Jessica pinched me black and blue yesterday). The hard thing is seeing her stuck in this fear and depression. She could be enjoying her vacation. But fear keeps her from doing what she loves (shopping, swimming). So I hope we can break her out of this rut. Juergen and the kids are busy making a film. I'm glad this drama has not stopped them from having a good time.

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