Saturday, May 04, 2013

The journey of a thousand steps

We got to the airport 3 hours early to find out our flight was being delayed by 4 hours, and we would miss our connection to San Diego. They tried to get us on another flight, but they wanted Nicole to get a visa to the US. She is a US citizen, so I thought she would not need it. But they would not let us on the flight with out it. And so we got the visa. I checked in, and left Nicole at the counter to check in too. I went ahead because I'm slow. But she never came. We missed that flight. And they would not let me out to see what was become of Nicole. Finally after one hour, they let me out , back into Germany. And I found Nicole. We got rebooked on our original flight. But instead of a 4 hour delay, we had an 8 hour delay. We did however have a very good conversation with a women at the airport. I'll write more about that later. We got to an airport hotel at 1am. We had 4 hours rest, and I got a bath. Now we have to make a 7am flight to San Diego. And we need to shop for pallet garden stuff. We need prayer. I have to go, but just wanted to post nd say we are still on our way.

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