Friday, May 10, 2013

It was a very long day

It was a very long day that started by going over the Rocky Mountains and ended up in the black hills of South Dakota. We went through 2 storms. I was praying allot today. In fact we prayed and sang most of the trip. The mountains were mostly clear, but at one point near Vail it began to snow. We had to pull over and pray because we only have summer tires on the rental van. And after we said amen, a snow plow passed, and I followed him down the pass. So it seemed fine for a good stretch of the way. But in Wyoming it looked so bad, we thought we would see some tornado’s. I drove for one and a half hours in very heavy rain and wind. And I admit I was very afraid. But I moved slowly and kept on the road. And we finally drove away from that storm. So we are in Rapid City South Dakota. Tomorrow, God willing, we see Mount Rushmore. Then we travel to Minneapolis. It's another 12 to 15 hour day, but our last day of driving. I don't have many good pictures from today. We hardly stopped. It was so intense. So good night. Thank you for your prayers. We felt Gods protection.

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Rick Moreno said...

Thank you God for holding you through the storm.