Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sankt Nikolaus day

Today is "Sankt Nikolaus" day in Germany. The tradition is to put a boot in the front of your door. If you are good you get cookies and candy, and if you are bad you get a tree branch. We put plates of cookies and candy on the kitchen table along with one gift. Sarah and Thomas both got trading cards. Thomas collects soccer cards, and Sarah collects Star wars cards. Philip got a ucalaly. It's not a toy, but a very good instrument. So maybe we will be hearing somewhere over the rainbow very soon! Jessica gave a gift to her teacher. She was so excited to give a gift. And she went with the others at the workshop to visit a small zoo. And she pet the goats. Trust me, that is a huge step forward! I spent the morning with Nicole shopping. And for me that was a nice

Philip and Thomas are both home from school now. Philip thanked me for his gift when he walked in the door. Thomas didn't thank me, but maybe he will someday? We all have areas we need to grow in. But anyway, the boys are downstairs playing with the ucalaly and guitar. I think Thomas is teaching Philip. And they are both playing worship songs and singing. Juergen only just started to teach Thomas guitar, but he has also had some lessons in school. He practices all the time. He really is very talented. And Philip wants to learn now. I think they would spend every afternoon practicing music and writing songs. They aren't very talented with words, but that doesn't seem to discourage them. We don't have a TV, only DVD's and computers. And we don't allow very much computer time. And so they are finally getting creative with their time. If they aren't playing with nerf guns or playing soccer, they are trying to be a band. And because it's so cold, I think we will have band practice all winter long. Don't you just love it! I do! Sarah also get's an instrument for Christmas. I have to pay for some real lessons. And I hope they keep it up. Nicole took lessons for 8 years and she plays very well. For awhile I thought she would quit, but I'm so glad she stayed with it. She now leads worship for the youth group.

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