Saturday, December 01, 2012

dawn redwood

I was thinking about buying a potted tree for Christmas that I could plant in my garden. So I looked at 2 stores today. I didn't find anything I really liked. Then I looked online at trees. I found the Chinese tree dawn redwood or Metasequoia glyptostroboides. It is a very cool tree! It is a smaller redwood then what you would find on the coast of Northern California, but still it gets pretty large. And it drops it's needles in the winter. So it's bright green in the spring, dark green in the summer, and red in the fall. And the branches are really interesting. Sort of like a giant bonsai tree. I have the spot for one giant tree in my garden. So I bought this tree on Amazon. The tree I got is one meter (3 feet) tall. It can get to be giant 50+ meters high and 3 to 4 meters around. And it does not mind the cold. I don’t think we will be using it for a Christmas tree, but I just got myself an early gift.

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