Thursday, December 20, 2012

God bless ye merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay

Juergen hired a van and picked up the sofa and 2 chairs I bought on eBay.  The boys helped him move everything.  They both failed to put something in my advent calendar, so I said they could help Juergen and that would be my gift.  And it was a gift!  Gifts are funny things.  Some people are good at gifts, and others have challenges in this area.  I'm afraid my dear husband is gift challenged.  But really only on the "special" days like birthdays and Christmas.  He never really knows what to give me when he has to give me something.  But if you know him, you know he is very generous.  He is always doing stuff for me.  Like renting this van to pick up my stuff.  This year I've made Christmas even more difficult for Juergen.  We are having our family Christmas on Sunday Dec 23rd.  We are doing it a day early so we can open our house to International students on Dec 24th.  And so normally Juergen would do his shopping the morning of Dec 24th, and he has to be ready Dec 22 instead.  Oh the pressure.  And he will be missing the fellowship of all the other men Dec 24th.  Maybe he should go to the mall on Monday, just to offer his support?  I have tried to introduce my husband to the miracle of online shopping, but he will have nothing to do with that modern way of thinking.  It takes the trill out of the hunt!

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