Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I missed Christmas

My Mom, Dad, sisters and brother and their families got together for an early Christmas last night. Sadly I wasn't there. It would have been nice to have been there or even skypet them. I'm going to have to set up skype on our big screen TV so we can have a video chat. That would be really cool! I guess that's one goal for the next year. I have not heard from Juergen yet. I have not read any news of airline crashes so I'm guessing he got to America OK. It was a very long trip. He flew to Chicago then had a 5 hour layover before flying to Arkansas. He works there for 3 days then travels home. 2 long travel days for 3 days of work. We miss him! I got all the kids off to school. We have some fresh snow. I had to scrap the windows off the cars. All the little things Juergen generally does. He really is so wonderful! But now the house is quite. Nicole is still asleep. I should get some stuff done. I have a dirty house, loads of laundry, and no food to cook. But I think I'll go back to bed. Nothing is ever right when Juergen is not home! God willing he get's home on Saturday. Then it will almost be Christmas.

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