Monday, December 17, 2012

givers and takers

None of us is perfect but some of us are givers and some not so much. I'm having trouble teaching one of my boys how to give. He sits around expecting the world but does not consider me at all. Maybe that’s normal for the age but I can not help seeing it as a bad thing. And it's not like I need anything. I am worried about a lack of character. I want my kids to be happy. You can not be happy if you are only a taker. So I demand they give, but that is only leading to rebellion. But I'm praying some level of understanding will enter the mind of my thick headed son. It's better to learn this lesson now. I don't want his wife walking out on him because he is a selfish jerk. I'm not sure how much responsibility a parent can take for selfish kids. But my kids are spoiled, and maybe this is my fault?

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