Saturday, December 22, 2012

last min stuff

I just spent 4 1/2 hours shopping with Nicole.  Now Juergen is out shopping with the kids.  He always takes them to the Hardware store for my gift.  I guess its the only store he knows his way around!  It’s the last day of the Heidelberg Christmas market.  I never got around to going.  I think that's kind of sad.  People travel from around the world to see it, and I just found myself too busy again.  But I am getting excited about the vacation!  Juergen has 2 weeks off, and I am so happy about the break.
We did get a reply back on our Christmas party.  So far we will have 4 students from Myanmar  (Burma)  and one friend from Germany.  We may have a few more guests, but with our family of 7, 5 guests is a good number.  And I'm finally getting excited about things.  It's no fun to work hard cooking, cleaning and shopping when you don't know anyone is coming.  So our family Christmas is scheduled for tomorrow, and our student party is Monday.  We don't think we will go see Richard because it's too much for him.  Instead, Juergen wants to go with Nicole in January for a long weekend.  And so the good news is we will be home for 2 weeks.  And that sounds like rest!  And I am so glad! I should cook some shrimp and rice for my student guests.  I'm sure Philip and Sarah and Nicole will not mind having some shrimp. 

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