Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas coffee

I went to Sarah's school coffee. Juergen lost the invitation, and told me it was at 2pm. So I got there at 1:45 to find out it started at 1pm. And Sarah was in the Christmas play, as Mary. I missed it! But she wasn't upset about it. She was just glad I came. I'm glad she was not upset. I had a good talk with her math teacher. I'm still not sure she is making it in the 3rd grade. I told her teachers we will decide in January if we will put her back in the 2nd grade. The homework is just so stressful for her. There is just so much stress a person can handle. I think her weak foundation in German just hurts her. I don't feel it would be bad to get more grounded in math and German. She is a smart girl, and we think she will go much farther in the long run if she really understands the basics. It snowed today but nothing stuck to the ground. I think I might be getting a cold. I feel very tired. I need to drink more juice.

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Rick Moreno said...

Hugs to all the kids. I'm sure Sarah made a wonderful Mary. Miss you very much. So far, since thanksgiving, I painted 18 restaurants and a 100 ft. mural in a pet store. been very productive by God's grace. Now its time to enjoy the season. Took the family to see Michael W. Smith last Sat. Going to Oregon to see Mom and Dad this weekend. Love you and miss you soooooo much!