Friday, November 16, 2012

pie and the garden

Nicole started to cut and bake one of our pumpkins today. We will be making pie for our Thanksgiving party that is on Sunday afternoon. I think this one pumpkin will give us enough filling for 10 pies. So I guess we will have filling for the freezer. And maybe more pie at Christmas. Nicole also put together 2 cold frames I had bought to go over my window boxes. I have dozens of plants I have in pots. If I leave these plants in the cold they will die. But if I put them in the cold frame I will not need to pay for so many plants next spring. And I put about 300-400 spring bulbs into baskets. God willing, I'll dig those into the ground tomorrow. It's pretty nice living near Holland. The variety of tulips and other spring bulbs is pretty wonderful. I add a few hundred more each year. Eventually my garden will look like a park in the spring time! It's allot of work to get everything in order for the winter. It is too cold to finish the green house. So hopefully we will put all the martial away, and clean up everything for now. I should still be able to plant carrots and lettuce and spinach in the green house. I don't think it's going to be heated this season. Maybe by next winter? But I'll plant in it anyway. When it's too cold in the cold frames, I'll have some crops in the green house. I can always put a cover over the green house plants, so they are doubly protected from the cold. I want to be able to produce food 12 months a year.

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