Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I'm glad I didn't stay up

I was going to stay up and watch the election. But I'm glad I didn't waste my sleep. I am grateful that the process was peaceful, but I'm sad about the results. I personally think America is more colored blind then it realizes. They voted for Obama because of his cool rhetoric and because he is black. And I think they voted for him again because they just don't want the first black President to fail. But he did fail. And He can not blame that on Bush. Unemployment is 7.9%, with the real number being close to 14%. The National debt is around 16trillion dollars. 1 in every 6 Americans are in poverty. He didn’t close Guantanamo. He had a super majority in the house and Senate but He didn’t reform immigration. He didn’t work with Republicans on health care. Instead he divided the country. He said he believes in due process of law, but his foreign policy includes a kill list. I’m really surprised the world is not outraged about his targeted assassination? How could anyone accept this? And he lied about Libya. So now we can look forward to maybe even an impeachment process. And if Obama was white I doubt very much he would be given 4 more years. But nearly half of America did not vote for him. He does not have a mandate to do everything he wants. But I personally think America would have had a better chance of breaking the deadlock if they had voted for Romney. I hope things will get better in America, but it's a hope that is not based on any kind of reality that I have seen over the past 4 years. It's just wishful thinking. I'm going to work in my garden. I'm happy the election is over. I'm also happy to be living in Germany. We have a government that has managed to bring the unemployment rate down to 5.5%. I only hope Germany is not dragged into another recession because of the choice America just made. I’m surpised so many of my German friends are happy Obama won. But I persoally think they bought all the negitive stuff about Romney and they don’t really know Obama’s record.


Eric & Shelley said...

I went to bed when I saw the direction it was going. Disappointed yes, this means Eric and I will be paying a lot more taxes, more than we do already. Making it harder to run our business. It's frustrating.
At least we had the freedom to vote.

The country is divided by economics, and moral issues.

We need to pray for our country, it's leaders and get out of debt personally as soon as possible. It's only going to get more difficult.

Rick Moreno said...

Sadly, my state voted to accept same sex marriage and Obama to boot. I can't say that I am please with the results, but I my hope and change is not in our government. Tonight, Amy and I are going to see Dave Ramsey live. At least something to look forward to.