Saturday, November 17, 2012

A full day of work

Juergen worked with the kids in the garden. They got allot of work done. They cleaned up all the stuff around the greenhouse. Everything is put away for the winter. Then Juergen put a coat of paint on the wood that did not get plastered on the greenhouse. It's too cold outside for the plaster to dry, so we will need to finish that job in the spring. The boys chopped 2 wood pallets up. We now have wood for a new years eve bon fire. And Nicole and I cooked. We made 3 pumpkin pies and 2 apple pies from scratch. We used one of the pumpkins we grew in the garden. And I also made stuffing. And I filled 7 zip lock bags with turkey fillets that are marinating with onions, garlic, limes, oranges and olive oil. The whole turkey I could find was too small to feed a crowd of 30 people, and cost too much. So we will have turkey fillets instead. All lean white meat. I'm cooking them tomorrow in oven bags. Our Thanksgiving pot luck is after church. I'm very tired from all the work, but it should be a nice party. These pictures were sent to me from a friend. She had lunch with us in September. I’ll try to get pictures of our beautiful pies and turkey. The kitchen smells so wonderful. And it’s always wonderful to get so much done!

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