Sunday, November 11, 2012

open doors

This morning “open doors” spoke in my church. Open doors is a ministry that prays for the persecuted church world wide. They provide support for them too. And as I watched this presentation I realized again how my western friends do not really understand what tolerance is. I’m proud of all my friends for freely expressing their political opinions’ in this past election cycle. But it is not intolerance to have an opinion that is not the same as your own. Intolerance is North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. We have freedom of Religion and freedom of speech. Christians need to learn to express their opinions in a way that is intelligent and filled with grace. But we should not be intimidated into silence. Christians are being killed (some 160,000 per year) for simply practicing their faith. I have a right to believe in God and freely express this faith. I am not intolerant, I am free. And one day I maybe killed for expressing what I have a right to say today. I tolerate my non Christian friends. I defend your right to disagree with my beliefs. That is tolerance. Most of my friends are female. And we do not wear a veil, our daughters can attend school. I will not be bullied by other females into supporting abortion. That is not intolerance, that is a difference of opinion and value. But you should support my right to disagree. Women all around this world have their rights stripped from them. They wear a veil, they are not allowed to have an opinion. I’m not intolerant when I don’t agree with you. I just have another opinion. We should celebrate that freedom.

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