Thursday, November 22, 2012

my work is done

I was on my computer all day long. And I also got lists from my kids. Philip usually doesn't care what he gets for Christmas. But he had given it some thought. I got a giant list of very specific requests. I kept telling him I wouldn't be able to buy everything, I am on a budget. But I did manage to buy some great stuff. And I bought it all on eBay. Some things I got new, and other things used. I asked the kids ahead of time, and they didn't care if I got some used stuff. So for example, I got Sarah over 250 Euros worth of Lego for 40 Euros because it was used. She is going to be trilled. I had a budget, and managed to stay very close to it (about 4 Euro over budget including postage). And I didn't need to pay for parking, and there was no impulse shopping. I am pretty happy to get it all ordered. Now I just need to wrap things. I am missing my family for Thanksgiving. I hope to be calling my parents. I downloaded the audible book "The greatest generation speaks". It's allot of personal stories from WW2.I am glad there is a cease fire in Israel but I feel like we will live to see WW3. I am grateful for the peace we have right now.

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