Saturday, November 03, 2012

greenhouse heat

I may not be allowed to use the wood stove I bought for my greenhouse. There are rules about chimney pipes being too close to windows. The chimney may blow smoke into our neighbors window. So we are checking on this. In the mean time, I'm looking into low tech ways to heat a greenhouse. I read this idea today... "Disposable turkey roasters. Aluminum, deep pans you can get at the dollar store for a buck each. Take two of them, poke a small hole at one end of the lip on each one. Wire them together...kind of like a hinge. Next, use a sharp knife to poke holes in the top and a few on the side, top pan and sides of bottom pan. (So the candle flame can breath) Buy cheap candles at the dollar store. Melt wax to hold two candles in the bottom pan. Light the two candles and shut the lid. Place on floor away from stuff. The lids heat up nicely without the worry of the flames escaping." This sounds like a good idea. We also built a compost pile in the greenhouse today. And we filled 2 large water tanks that I need to paint black so they will absorb heat from the sun. another idea is to put Christmas lights in the greenhouse. They are low volt and produce heat.

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