Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama Budget Cuts Visualization

this is from 2009 but it gives you a good idea of the mess we are in. If you had this kind of debt you would need to cut your costs back and raise more money. Our government needs to do both. But you could tax every rich person in the country 100% of their income and it would not pay for more then a few months of Americas costs. This is why Republicans want to increase incentives for businesses to create jobs. Jobs does 2 things. It moves people off unemployment (a - for the government) and it creates a wider tax base. So many people are bashing the big bad companies, but those awful companies employ people. And one of the problems with Obama care is small companies now have less motivation to grow bigger. If they have fewer then 50 employees, they don't need to pay benefits. And now companies just over 50 employees may even down size just to avoid this cost. I believe everyone should have health care, but I am not sure the law will have the positive effect it was meant to have. It may have been cheaper for the government to just pay for the health care of Americans making a lower income. American’s pay more for health care then any other country. Something is very wrong. I hope the law helps, but I see some problems with it. Company’s being able to opt out, and companies not being motivated to grow are just two of the problems. But my point is, we are in trouble. I personally do not care if they tax millionaires more, but they need to help business grow. They need to do everything they can to get people back to work. They must get people off unemployment and paying taxes again. They have to broaden the tax base or they will never get out of this mess! And business tax needs to be kept low. Businesses is not the problem. Business is the answer. The government should stop demanding business to pay more taxes, it should be encouraging them to hire more people!

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