Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The high tunnel green house

Nicole and I took the tent down today. And with part of the frame we began building a green house. Juergen is afraid we will not be able to do it well. We are determined to use all the information we have gained over the past few years on building. We have already put the metal frame up. At the base on one side we have a wooden base rail. We build another base rail on the other side. Then we also build braces on the side walls to make it more secure. And across the top I'll also add some wooden framing. The polls will have very large and long screws sunk into concrete at the foundation. And on one end wall we want to do an earth bag wall using a mix of wet sand and concrete in sandbags. You first build a base of gravel. The first row of sandbags go halfway under ground. Then you add barber wire between the rows of sandbags. And you can also add rebar to help make the wall stable. This is the part Juergen is nervous about. Will our wall fall down? We will add glass bottles on the outside of the wall for looks. Eventually you cover the wall with plaster. And we want to also mosaic the plaster. We are excited about this project, but Juergen is nervous. I hope we can surprise him with a very good greenhouse. One that does not blow away, and does not cost much, and stays warm. We want to build a rocket stove to keep it warm. And we will run heating through the floor. Yes it's ambitious, but I think we can do it. And if it works we can be very proud!

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